Dimensional Mailers Increase Trade Show Traffic

Dimensional mailers increase trade show traffic because people tend to remember our custom designed, high quality, dimensional packaging. If your business wants to increase trade show traffic and generate interest and leads, try dimensional mailers as a supplement to your trade show efforts.

Don’t be the company with a booth at a trade show that no one wants to visit. You can increase trade show traffic by sending out a dimensional mailer before the show or handing one out during the show. It’s a great conversation starter and it’s more engaging than a boring flyer.

Did you know that people learn more effectively with repetition in various mediums? It’s called multiple modalities and our dimensional mailers are sure to do the trick! When you incorporate dimensional mailers with your trade show, you create an integrative experience with your brand. They will learn to recognize your branding and the quality of your product or service even before they meet you.

An integrative experience with your brand starts with a memorable first experience. That’s why dimensional mailers are such a great idea. When your target market meets you and your team at trade shows, they will be able to put a face with a name and your brand. The dimensional mailers you hand out ensure you engage multiple senses with your target market and creates the integrative experience with your brand.

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Neuroscience studies show paper-based content offers advantages in connecting with our brains. Studies indicate that there is more of an emotional response created through paper because it’s something you can touch and feel. Our dimensional mailers weigh quite a bit more than regular paper which is why our dimensional mailers often help a brand to be perceived as high quality.

Remember the last time you registered for a trade show? You got junk mail for weeks before and after the show. There were the boring flyers, the spam email, and the impersonal letters. Blah!

Dimensional mailers increase trade show traffic because they take the decision making step of opening mail out. Instead of a regular piece of mail, dimensional mailers come as presents. Who can resist opening a present? People have to know what’s inside! Flyers or letters tend to get thrown away without a second thought. Emails easily are ignored or end up in the junk folder. Dimensional mailers can’t be ignored.

Using dimensional mailers at a trade show, helps increase trade show traffic because they get people talking. Everyone hands out boring flyers or tchotchkes. The booth with the cool dimensional packaging will get people to remember YOU. Pretty soon, your target clientele will be discussing your product or service over lunch and to their peers.

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Creative Dimensional Mailers Paired with Digital Marketing

Creative dimensional mailers paired with digital marketing is a great dual approach to successful marketing campaigns. Everyone knows the more ways you can gain your target market’s attention, the better. So, instead of relying on a single medium, try using creative dimensional mailers paired with your digital marketing efforts.

Boring flyers or impersonal letters don’t work. You need to send a branded piece of marketing to your target market that both catches their eye and will resonate with them. Creative dimensional mailers do just that. We custom design each piece to match your exact specifications. All the colors will match your company’s branding. We can even incorporate sounds and videos in our creative dimensional mailers to further grab the attention of your target market.

Think about it this way. Creative dimensional mailers stand out amongst all the junk mail. Our creative dimensional mailers are impossible to ignore because we can make them branded to compliment your company’s digital marketing. It’s a great way to improve your marketing.

We’ve heard that our creative dimensional mailers feel “prominent”, because they tend to carry some weight. They aren’t flimsy or made with cheap paper. In fact, many of our clients have said that our creative dimensional mailers are so awesome that they create a brand experience.

Check out some of our products here!

Some of our clients have shared with us the feedback they get from their clients. They say things like, “Wow. I see you everywhere. I had to find out more”, and, “Your marketing is so awesome! I visited your site and it all made sense”. Don’t you want your target market saying these things about you, too?

Simply relying on digital marketing to get your brand recognized is a challenging approach. The digital marketing space is very crowded. People get tons of emails and very few of them are opened, let alone read. Did you know that more than 80% of emails are opened on a phone? People don’t even remember emails. But, when you couple your email campaigns and digital marketing with creative dimensional mailers, you are sure to be recognized!

If you want to run a successful marketing campaign, consider using creative dimensional mailers paired with digital marketing. It’s a surefire way of grabbing attention! Contact us here and follow our LinkedIn page!

Welcoming new patients is easy with this one solution

Welcoming new patients is easy with this one solution

Custom packaging and new patient introduction kits can help ease the transition for new patients. Changing doctors is an uncomfortable process, but the transition can be eased by giving patients a wonderful first time experience. So, what do you need to do for new patients? Give them a plain white toothbrush or medicine dispenser from the dollar store? Way too cheesy. How about a hand written thank you card? Sounds too time consuming. What about a formal letter from the doctor? Everyone does this, and it’s boring.

New Patient Introduction Kits improve new patient experience and help improve retention. Nothing says, “Welcome to the practice” like a New Patient Introduction Kit. It’s a great way to help ease a transition, reassure someone they are in good hands, and introduce them to the staff who they will see when they visit you.



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Things we could include in a New Patient Introduction Kit:

  • A physician practice branded Sun-Sat medicine dispenser
  • A physician practice branded floss dispenser
  • A physician practice branded mint container
  • A physician practice branded coffee mug
  • A physician practice branded candies/chocolate
  • A physician practice branded note pad and pen


Imagine the big smile on a new patients’ face when they receive this custom packaging. Being given a gift is exciting and thrilling, even if it’s just a small NPIK, it will still make them smile. You want your new patients (actually all your patients) to be happy to be in your office! Giving out NPIK will ensure that your new patient’s experience starts off right. Smiling creates a neurological reaction in your brain that produces feelings of happiness and calmness. The patient will then equate their visit with feeling and being happy. They will be sure to return!

Giving out NPIK will show your patients, new and old, that you are not a cheap practice! This does not mean that you don’t charge them very much money, it just shows them that you are using some of the money you earn to give back. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I put my money towards something I wonder what that company is doing with that money. I especially think about this when I am not being treated well and I am still paying a ton of money. I don’t mean that if you don’t give out NPIK that your patients will think that they aren’t being treated well, I just mean that they will feel extra special and important if you do.

Giving gifts show that you value your patients. There is a lot of value to be said when you give someone a gift. It shows them that you were thinking about them. That you had their needs in mind and produced something that could help alleviate some of those needs. On this note, try to give your patients something that they will definitely use. Something that when they use it they will think, “I got this from so-and-so’s office, I’m happy I’m their customer.”

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Vendor Selection for Custom Packaging and Dimensional Mailers

Vendor selection for custom packaging and dimensional mailers can be a tumultuous process. Everyone says the right things while they’re “dating”. But how many companies offer to take you behind the scenes to see how the magic happens? We do!

We love showing new clients, and our existing clients, our manufacturing process from start to finish. Vendor selection for custom packaging and dimensional mailers is not like choosing other vendors. We help represent companies and build brand experiences to their target market. That’s why we don’t just explain how it works. We have actually flown clients in to see the manufacturing process firsthand. There’s nothing to hide. We work diligently to ensure vendor selection for custom packaging is a thorough as you want it to be.

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Did you know, we design and manufacture our custom packaging and dimensional mailers under one roof? That’s right. From concept, to design, to fulfillment, we handle it all.

Custom packaging with perfection. We promise all our orders will be delivered to perfection. How can we do that? Because we design and manufacture all our custom packaging and dimensional mailers. Our team of design experts work very closely with our team of manufacturers to ensure the highest quality of products.

From custom packaging for a product launch to dimensional mailers guaranteed to be an attention grabber, we have extensive experience working with a wide variety of finishes, materials, and colors. All colors do not respond the same to the different materials and finishes our clients look for. That’s okay! The creative design process we go through ensures our clients get perfect custom packaging and dimensional mailers. We take the time to match colors at various stages, after various finishes, and before anything gets delivered, to make sure it’s done exactly right.

Have you ever seen a product with mismatching colors? (The blues aren’t quite the same on different surfaces, or the reds are different from one finish to another.) It’s one of the things that we promise won’t ever happen.

One common conundrum we face is matching the ever picky litho stock to paperboard stock. One color measurement used on one material doesn’t always look just like another material. And finishes can change a color, too. A matte varnish and a soft touch lamination both affect colors differently, but don’t worry! We check the colors at every step to make sure it’s an exact match.

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Caution: Professional Idea Magicians at Work!

Professional Idea Magicians are ready to help you. How does that work? We bring to life crazy, custom ideas. And, being a certified woman owned business since 1989, you can probably image the thousands of custom projects we’ve worked on. I wish I had a nickel for every time a client came to us with no ideas and called our team, Professional Idea Magicians. It’s true. We’ve literally been told we need a “caution” sign on our door, because we work magic! If you have even a rough sketch of what you’re looking for, we will bring your idea to life.

Creative Directors – We get called upon when Creative Directors need a little creative boost. Constantly generating awesome content is hard work! We have a database of Creative Directors who rely on us to help them stay up to date with great ideas for their clients. You should see some of the crazy ideas we’ve come up with. They will blow your socks off!

Marketing Managers – We help Marketing Managers look like rock stars because all our products are designed and manufactured under one roof. The marketing professionals that we work with need their ideas to come to life before their eyes. This way, they can tell if it’s realistic and if their clients are going to love it. That’s why marketing managers love working with us. We add life to their ideas.

Production Managers – For those who are more process and systems, we invite you to come see the magic in action. Our factory is in Michigan and, with a little notice, we can schedule a trip out there to see how it all works. It’s just across the lake. Doesn’t need to take more than a few hours. But, can add great clarity to our process and add conviction when delivering a proposal to senior management.

Procurement Specialists – Because we have completed so many projects, we are confident we will get your colors just right. We are specialists at printing on different surfaces, like litho and paperboard, then applying any number of finishes. Your finished product, no matter the surface or finish, will match your corporate standards. We promise. Don’t ever worry about the colors matching again. We’ve got you covered. Our number one goal is to deliver an awesome product that makes you look like a champion!

As professional idea magicians, we love bringing ideas to life. Some of our past projects are available to view on our website. Need a quote for a custom order? We can help with that too. Click here

Creative Dimensional Packaging Creates a Brand Experience for Sending Samples

Creative Dimensional Packaging Creates a Brand Experience for Sending Samples

Creative Dimensional Packaging creates a brand experience and has long been one of the most effective ways to launch a new product. We’ve taken first impressions to another level. We create creative dimensional packaging so that your samples and mailers stand out to your target audience.

Think about your ideal client. They get tons of mail every day. Boring post cards, maybe some letters. None of it stands out. Then, they get a creative dimensional packaging mailed to them with your sample. Instead of tossing it aside, the creative dimensional packaging creates a brand experience.

They love it! Their first reaction is to admire the quality of the box and then the way your sample is displayed inside. They won’t forget that brand experience!

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Sending samples can be a “back to basics” way of engaging new markets. But! Don’t just send a sample. Use creative dimensional packaging with a high quality, custom and creative dimensional packaging. The quality of the box leads people to have a positive brand experience even before they even try your product. We’ve sent creative dimensional packaging with all kinds of different samples. From apples to fragrances and from sounds to videos. We’re confident that with our experience we can design and deliver a creative dimensional package that fits your needs. And your target market will remember it!

What’s better than a positive first experience? Mailing an impressive box that doesn’t easily get thrown away. People tend to keep very high quality boxes and re-purpose them, so your product’s box (with all its branding) will be around for a long time.

Wondering what people will think of your sample? Add your website or QR code to the box and ask your target market to submit feedback. Make it fun and engaging. Creative dimensional packaging causes people to spend a few more seconds (or minutes) admiring your sample and the box it came in.

Want to see what our Idea Magicians can come up with for your next product launch? Need to get a memorable marketing piece in front of your target market? Contact us today to find out how we can make the process easy and follow us on LinkedIn!

Dimensional Printing Makes Your Product Display Pop

Dimensional Printing makes your product display pop by adding a much needed element to your printed materials: Impact.

Impact is what every piece of marketing leaves on the person experiencing it. Some impacts are more memorable than others and dimensional printing makes your product display POP by adding impact to your brand experience.

What is a brand experience? A brand experience is the lasting impression, or lack thereof, that one has when seeing or interacting with a brand. Some brands are very memorable and others are quite forgettable. With dimensional printing, your brand experience is guaranteed to be memorable. Why? Because your product display Pops.

It’s not going to be flat on a table, it won’t be a boring old flyer. No. Dimensional printing ensures that all your brand experiences have impact.

People will remember the brand experience they have when seeing your exciting product display. It conveys quality because it leaves an “impact”.

Click here to see the full gallery.

Dimensional printing makes your product display pop with these elements, too!

Elevating – your product display will literally stand out from the crowd

Elevating your design will not only add more dimension to your product, but it will also capture the attention of people much more quickly. Think about pop-up books from when you were little. I don’t know about you, but pop-up books had my attention way more than just normal books. I think the reason behind it is that it takes more time, skill, and creativity to design something that is not only 2D. People appreciate creativity and will spend more time looking at a product that has more to look at.

Exhilarating – your product display will bring your product to life.

Simply having your product to show is all fine and dandy. But why have boring when you can have awesome, eye-catching designs to lure more people in to buy your product? Displays and packaging doesn’t have to be plain and boring. Make it fun and exciting with different designs, 3D printing, pop-up features, and choose from thousands of different color combinations. The possibilities are endless!

Engaging – your product display could be interactive. Use it at a trade show, an in-person presentation, or as a unique mailer.

We will design you something that everyone wants to stop and look at, or that everyone wants to sign up for! There are so many ways for your product to be displayed so that others can interact with it. We could design something that would work in tandem with your product or completely separate. In that case, we would make sure your product was the star of the show, using the display and packaging as the attention grabber.

Dimensional printing makes your product display pop and we want to help be the answer to your next design. Contact us today for ideas, quotes, and samples.

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The Secret to a Successful New Product Launch

Successful New Product LaunchA successful new product launch can be an excruciating process. After the product is designed, you have to present it to people who will buy it. Argh!

If you’re making an in-person presentation to a prospect, hopefully you have their undivided attention while you’re there. What ends up happening, more often than not, is that once you leave, so does all the excitement and hype you brought with you. The brochures make their way into the pile of, “I’ll handle it later” and eventually to the pile of, “This needs to get thrown out.” Don’t let this happen to your product presentation!

We’ve worked with thousands of new products and know what it takes to make a big splash with your prospects. Our team has consulted with dozens of agencies, worked to create hundreds of samples, and spent countless hours staring at color wheels. None of that matters as much as this one secret to a super successful product launch.

The secret to a super successful new product launch is getting your prospects to revel in the magnitude of your new product’s value long after you’ve left. Simple, right? Well, how does that work?

Your successful new product launch absolutely needs a Welcome Kit. Click here to see our work. One that won’t get lost in a pile of papers. Using something to present your product that is more permanent, such as a 3D object (AKA a box) will help you stand out in the crowd. It will also help when later you are gone and your prospects are looking at all of the product designs at the end of the day. A box won’t get lost in piles of 2D printed paper. A box will be eye catching, original, and new. Also, much more interactive and fun for the prospect.

It should include all the necessary materials inside.

1) An introduction of yourself and how you came to create this product/why.

2) A page with a picture of the product and the product name

3) Why this product would be good on the market

4) SAMPLES!!!! Everyone loves samples. I mean everyone.

5) Anything else you would like to put in the box. The space is basically unlimited and will already stand out, so put everything and anything in there!

It could even include a sample of the product.

As I said before, people love samples. It’s like when you go to Costco and you get to walk around and taste those delicious little samples. Or when you are looking to buy a car and you test drive it first. Samples make people happy because they know that you aren’t trying to hide anything and it’s like a free little gift for them. And people love gifts.

A Welcome Kit plays a vital role in the launch of new products. If you’re going to be making in person presentations, then you NEED to come in armed with great material; not just a couple of colorful flyers that are bound to get lost on your prospects desk.