Our Process

Why Us?

Litpac specializes in the design and manufacture of promotional packaging. We excel in products that you give a client that is interactive or cannot slide under a door. We started in business in 1975.

  • High Qaulity
  • Reliability and value
  • Award-winning
  • Customization
  • Die Resources

Core Services

  • Engineering Design

    Concept through completion, we give structure to your design. With 300+ years of combined experience under our roof, our engineering and development expertise finds efficiencies, adds value and brings your ideas to life.

  • Creative and Production

    If you know exactly what you want, we produce it for you to exacting standards. We can also partner with you to make something amazing, and that’s why creative companies trust us to be a collaborator on their projects.

  • Award-Winning

    Winning awards is not our goal–getting you results is our goal. When you partner with us, you get outstanding engineering expertise and high production values, so your piece is stunning and effective. And thats why we win awards.

  • Solution-Oriented

    We are not sales-oriented, we’re solution-oriented. You can count on us to make suggestions to save time, money, or offer other enhancements such as making your piece more durable, visually impactful, or environmentally-friendly.

  • Complementary Prototyping

    Our collection of 100s of dies saves you time and money and is a great starting place for ideas. Combined with our complementary prototyping with every complete order means we’ll get your construction exactly right.

  • Complementary Services

    We do all of the printing, fulfillment, shipping, media printing and media duplication all under one roof to save you time, hassle, and money. Plus, we’re 100% USA-owned and operated. We make you look good and save you hassle.