The Secret to a Successful New Product Launch

Successful New Product LaunchA successful new product launch can be an excruciating process. After the product is designed, you have to present it to people who will buy it. Argh!

If you’re making an in-person presentation to a prospect, hopefully you have their undivided attention while you’re there. What ends up happening, more often than not, is that once you leave, so does all the excitement and hype you brought with you. The brochures make their way into the pile of, “I’ll handle it later” and eventually to the pile of, “This needs to get thrown out.” Don’t let this happen to your product presentation!

We’ve worked with thousands of new products and know what it takes to make a big splash with your prospects. Our team has consulted with dozens of agencies, worked to create hundreds of samples, and spent countless hours staring at color wheels. None of that matters as much as this one secret to a super successful product launch.

The secret to a super successful new product launch is getting your prospects to revel in the magnitude of your new product’s value long after you’ve left. Simple, right? Well, how does that work?

Your successful new product launch absolutely needs a Welcome Kit. Click here to see our work. One that won’t get lost in a pile of papers. Using something to present your product that is more permanent, such as a 3D object (AKA a box) will help you stand out in the crowd. It will also help when later you are gone and your prospects are looking at all of the product designs at the end of the day. A box won’t get lost in piles of 2D printed paper. A box will be eye catching, original, and new. Also, much more interactive and fun for the prospect.

It should include all the necessary materials inside.

1) An introduction of yourself and how you came to create this product/why.

2) A page with a picture of the product and the product name

3) Why this product would be good on the market

4) SAMPLES!!!! Everyone loves samples. I mean everyone.

5) Anything else you would like to put in the box. The space is basically unlimited and will already stand out, so put everything and anything in there!

It could even include a sample of the product.

As I said before, people love samples. It’s like when you go to Costco and you get to walk around and taste those delicious little samples. Or when you are looking to buy a car and you test drive it first. Samples make people happy because they know that you aren’t trying to hide anything and it’s like a free little gift for them. And people love gifts.

A Welcome Kit plays a vital role in the launch of new products. If you’re going to be making in person presentations, then you NEED to come in armed with great material; not just a couple of colorful flyers that are bound to get lost on your prospects desk.