Welcoming new patients is easy with this one solution

Welcoming new patients is easy with this one solution

Custom packaging and new patient introduction kits can help ease the transition for new patients. Changing doctors is an uncomfortable process, but the transition can be eased by giving patients a wonderful first time experience. So, what do you need to do for new patients? Give them a plain white toothbrush or medicine dispenser from the dollar store? Way too cheesy. How about a hand written thank you card? Sounds too time consuming. What about a formal letter from the doctor? Everyone does this, and it’s boring.

New Patient Introduction Kits improve new patient experience and help improve retention. Nothing says, “Welcome to the practice” like a New Patient Introduction Kit. It’s a great way to help ease a transition, reassure someone they are in good hands, and introduce them to the staff who they will see when they visit you.



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Things we could include in a New Patient Introduction Kit:

  • A physician practice branded Sun-Sat medicine dispenser
  • A physician practice branded floss dispenser
  • A physician practice branded mint container
  • A physician practice branded coffee mug
  • A physician practice branded candies/chocolate
  • A physician practice branded note pad and pen


Imagine the big smile on a new patients’ face when they receive this custom packaging. Being given a gift is exciting and thrilling, even if it’s just a small NPIK, it will still make them smile. You want your new patients (actually all your patients) to be happy to be in your office! Giving out NPIK will ensure that your new patient’s experience starts off right. Smiling creates a neurological reaction in your brain that produces feelings of happiness and calmness. The patient will then equate their visit with feeling and being happy. They will be sure to return!

Giving out NPIK will show your patients, new and old, that you are not a cheap practice! This does not mean that you don’t charge them very much money, it just shows them that you are using some of the money you earn to give back. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I put my money towards something I wonder what that company is doing with that money. I especially think about this when I am not being treated well and I am still paying a ton of money. I don’t mean that if you don’t give out NPIK that your patients will think that they aren’t being treated well, I just mean that they will feel extra special and important if you do.

Giving gifts show that you value your patients. There is a lot of value to be said when you give someone a gift. It shows them that you were thinking about them. That you had their needs in mind and produced something that could help alleviate some of those needs. On this note, try to give your patients something that they will definitely use. Something that when they use it they will think, “I got this from so-and-so’s office, I’m happy I’m their customer.”

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