Caution: Professional Idea Magicians at Work!

Professional Idea Magicians are ready to help you. How does that work? We bring to life crazy, custom ideas. And, being a certified woman owned business since 1989, you can probably image the thousands of custom projects we’ve worked on. I wish I had a nickel for every time a client came to us with no ideas and called our team, Professional Idea Magicians. It’s true. We’ve literally been told we need a “caution” sign on our door, because we work magic! If you have even a rough sketch of what you’re looking for, we will bring your idea to life.

Creative Directors – We get called upon when Creative Directors need a little creative boost. Constantly generating awesome content is hard work! We have a database of Creative Directors who rely on us to help them stay up to date with great ideas for their clients. You should see some of the crazy ideas we’ve come up with. They will blow your socks off!

Marketing Managers – We help Marketing Managers look like rock stars because all our products are designed and manufactured under one roof. The marketing professionals that we work with need their ideas to come to life before their eyes. This way, they can tell if it’s realistic and if their clients are going to love it. That’s why marketing managers love working with us. We add life to their ideas.

Production Managers – For those who are more process and systems, we invite you to come see the magic in action. Our factory is in Michigan and, with a little notice, we can schedule a trip out there to see how it all works. It’s just across the lake. Doesn’t need to take more than a few hours. But, can add great clarity to our process and add conviction when delivering a proposal to senior management.

Procurement Specialists – Because we have completed so many projects, we are confident we will get your colors just right. We are specialists at printing on different surfaces, like litho and paperboard, then applying any number of finishes. Your finished product, no matter the surface or finish, will match your corporate standards. We promise. Don’t ever worry about the colors matching again. We’ve got you covered. Our number one goal is to deliver an awesome product that makes you look like a champion!

As professional idea magicians, we love bringing ideas to life. Some of our past projects are available to view on our website. Need a quote for a custom order? We can help with that too. Click here