Creative Dimensional Mailers Paired with Digital Marketing

Creative dimensional mailers paired with digital marketing is a great dual approach to successful marketing campaigns. Everyone knows the more ways you can gain your target market’s attention, the better. So, instead of relying on a single medium, try using creative dimensional mailers paired with your digital marketing efforts.

Boring flyers or impersonal letters don’t work. You need to send a branded piece of marketing to your target market that both catches their eye and will resonate with them. Creative dimensional mailers do just that. We custom design each piece to match your exact specifications. All the colors will match your company’s branding. We can even incorporate sounds and videos in our creative dimensional mailers to further grab the attention of your target market.

Think about it this way. Creative dimensional mailers stand out amongst all the junk mail. Our creative dimensional mailers are impossible to ignore because we can make them branded to compliment your company’s digital marketing. It’s a great way to improve your marketing.

We’ve heard that our creative dimensional mailers feel “prominent”, because they tend to carry some weight. They aren’t flimsy or made with cheap paper. In fact, many of our clients have said that our creative dimensional mailers are so awesome that they create a brand experience.

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Some of our clients have shared with us the feedback they get from their clients. They say things like, “Wow. I see you everywhere. I had to find out more”, and, “Your marketing is so awesome! I visited your site and it all made sense”. Don’t you want your target market saying these things about you, too?

Simply relying on digital marketing to get your brand recognized is a challenging approach. The digital marketing space is very crowded. People get tons of emails and very few of them are opened, let alone read. Did you know that more than 80% of emails are opened on a phone? People don’t even remember emails. But, when you couple your email campaigns and digital marketing with creative dimensional mailers, you are sure to be recognized!

If you want to run a successful marketing campaign, consider using creative dimensional mailers paired with digital marketing. It’s a surefire way of grabbing attention! Contact us here and follow our LinkedIn page!