Creative Dimensional Packaging Creates a Brand Experience for Sending Samples

Creative Dimensional Packaging Creates a Brand Experience for Sending Samples

Creative Dimensional Packaging creates a brand experience and has long been one of the most effective ways to launch a new product. We’ve taken first impressions to another level. We create creative dimensional packaging so that your samples and mailers stand out to your target audience.

Think about your ideal client. They get tons of mail every day. Boring post cards, maybe some letters. None of it stands out. Then, they get a creative dimensional packaging mailed to them with your sample. Instead of tossing it aside, the creative dimensional packaging creates a brand experience.

They love it! Their first reaction is to admire the quality of the box and then the way your sample is displayed inside. They won’t forget that brand experience!

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Sending samples can be a “back to basics” way of engaging new markets. But! Don’t just send a sample. Use creative dimensional packaging with a high quality, custom and creative dimensional packaging. The quality of the box leads people to have a positive brand experience even before they even try your product. We’ve sent creative dimensional packaging with all kinds of different samples. From apples to fragrances and from sounds to videos. We’re confident that with our experience we can design and deliver a creative dimensional package that fits your needs. And your target market will remember it!

What’s better than a positive first experience? Mailing an impressive box that doesn’t easily get thrown away. People tend to keep very high quality boxes and re-purpose them, so your product’s box (with all its branding) will be around for a long time.

Wondering what people will think of your sample? Add your website or QR code to the box and ask your target market to submit feedback. Make it fun and engaging. Creative dimensional packaging causes people to spend a few more seconds (or minutes) admiring your sample and the box it came in.

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