Dimensional Mailers Increase Trade Show Traffic

Dimensional mailers increase trade show traffic because people tend to remember our custom designed, high quality, dimensional packaging. If your business wants to increase trade show traffic and generate interest and leads, try dimensional mailers as a supplement to your trade show efforts.

Don’t be the company with a booth at a trade show that no one wants to visit. You can increase trade show traffic by sending out a dimensional mailer before the show or handing one out during the show. It’s a great conversation starter and it’s more engaging than a boring flyer.

Did you know that people learn more effectively with repetition in various mediums? It’s called multiple modalities and our dimensional mailers are sure to do the trick! When you incorporate dimensional mailers with your trade show, you create an integrative experience with your brand. They will learn to recognize your branding and the quality of your product or service even before they meet you.

An integrative experience with your brand starts with a memorable first experience. That’s why dimensional mailers are such a great idea. When your target market meets you and your team at trade shows, they will be able to put a face with a name and your brand. The dimensional mailers you hand out ensure you engage multiple senses with your target market and creates the integrative experience with your brand.

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Neuroscience studies show paper-based content offers advantages in connecting with our brains. Studies indicate that there is more of an emotional response created through paper because it’s something you can touch and feel. Our dimensional mailers weigh quite a bit more than regular paper which is why our dimensional mailers often help a brand to be perceived as high quality.

Remember the last time you registered for a trade show? You got junk mail for weeks before and after the show. There were the boring flyers, the spam email, and the impersonal letters. Blah!

Dimensional mailers increase trade show traffic because they take the decision making step of opening mail out. Instead of a regular piece of mail, dimensional mailers come as presents. Who can resist opening a present? People have to know what’s inside! Flyers or letters tend to get thrown away without a second thought. Emails easily are ignored or end up in the junk folder. Dimensional mailers can’t be ignored.

Using dimensional mailers at a trade show, helps increase trade show traffic because they get people talking. Everyone hands out boring flyers or tchotchkes. The booth with the cool dimensional packaging will get people to remember YOU. Pretty soon, your target clientele will be discussing your product or service over lunch and to their peers.

Are trade shows part of your marketing for this year? We’d love to help you increase trade show traffic with dimensional mailers. Contact us today for a free consultation! And add us on LinkedIn to hear more about our products!