Our clients constantly challenge us to give structure to their ideas. We welcome the challenge “Old School” style to help create pieces that cut through the clutter but are time and budget sensitive. Our client Callahan Creek wanted to produce an kit to educate their client’s target audience. Their first concept was to produce a kit that looked like an old wooden school desk. Unfortunately that would not fit the budget. So they came up with the idea of an old used school book. Our engineering team gave perfect structure to their idea. Using two-piece construction and a special technique, we were able to capture the look perfectly. Inside this box were all the tools for the students including a brochure, pencils and erasers. We were faced with one last challenge: keeping the cover closed. We often use magnets today, but that just would not be “Old School.” We researched a clear Velcro product, making the closure almost invisible. This kit was recently recognized in local and regional Advertising Club competitions.

Our teacher even gave us a gold star

“The carriers and completed kits look totally awesome! Thanks for all your great help on making this such a cool project!!! Hope to have another soon!!”- Connie Nolte Production Manager Callahan Creek

So next time you need a way to reach your target audience with a New School or Old School look, contact Communipak. We welcome your challenge.