Vendor Selection for Custom Packaging and Dimensional Mailers

Vendor selection for custom packaging and dimensional mailers can be a tumultuous process. Everyone says the right things while they’re “dating”. But how many companies offer to take you behind the scenes to see how the magic happens? We do!

We love showing new clients, and our existing clients, our manufacturing process from start to finish. Vendor selection for custom packaging and dimensional mailers is not like choosing other vendors. We help represent companies and build brand experiences to their target market. That’s why we don’t just explain how it works. We have actually flown clients in to see the manufacturing process firsthand. There’s nothing to hide. We work diligently to ensure vendor selection for custom packaging is a thorough as you want it to be.

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Did you know, we design and manufacture our custom packaging and dimensional mailers under one roof? That’s right. From concept, to design, to fulfillment, we handle it all.

Custom packaging with perfection. We promise all our orders will be delivered to perfection. How can we do that? Because we design and manufacture all our custom packaging and dimensional mailers. Our team of design experts work very closely with our team of manufacturers to ensure the highest quality of products.

From custom packaging for a product launch to dimensional mailers guaranteed to be an attention grabber, we have extensive experience working with a wide variety of finishes, materials, and colors. All colors do not respond the same to the different materials and finishes our clients look for. That’s okay! The creative design process we go through ensures our clients get perfect custom packaging and dimensional mailers. We take the time to match colors at various stages, after various finishes, and before anything gets delivered, to make sure it’s done exactly right.

Have you ever seen a product with mismatching colors? (The blues aren’t quite the same on different surfaces, or the reds are different from one finish to another.) It’s one of the things that we promise won’t ever happen.

One common conundrum we face is matching the ever picky litho stock to paperboard stock. One color measurement used on one material doesn’t always look just like another material. And finishes can change a color, too. A matte varnish and a soft touch lamination both affect colors differently, but don’t worry! We check the colors at every step to make sure it’s an exact match.

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