Custom Sample Kits

Custom sample kits are an excellent means of showcasing your products in a way that is easily understood by the viewer. It allows them to not only view your product, but interact with it as well. You can easily explain what your product is as well as what variations (colors, finishes, etc.) and customization options are possible. If you have multiple lines of products, you can use product sample packaging to segment each line into its own kit to keep things organized.

Trust us when we say sample kits should be customized to fit your product.

Starting with a structural design to exhibit your product samples in the perfect arrangement, we then custom print and decorate your kit to your requirements. We have many options of lamination for your sample kit to provide durability through repeated use. We offer foil stamping, spot UV, embossing and more custom finishing options. If you need us to assemble your kit with your product and send it out to your customer we can take care of that for you too.

Custom sample kits are used regularly across multiple industries. From offering a glimpse of a new product line in the cosmetic industry to showcasing various carpet, tile or flooring samples to interior designers, architects or consumers. Product sample packaging is a crucial component to successfully presenting your merchandise.

If you have a need for sample packaging, please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch right away.