Custom Welcome Kits

Whether you need to deliver information to new members of your organization, to let new big-purchase customers feel like they just joined an elite group, or to welcome new patients starting their journey on a life-changing medication, custom welcome kits are an effective method of saying “welcome”.

Customizing your welcome kit is important when it comes to impressing newcomers and providing the information they need. However, beyond providing that necessary information, your branding and design are crucial for your clients and guests.

Functionality and structure is where we start. We can design with paperboard or design a turned edge kit. Corrugated too. We offer custom printing of your artwork including foil stamping, spot UV and embossing as well as various styles of lamination and papers to choose from too.

Our complimentary prototype will help you ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

We would love to help you design your next welcome kit project. Please give us a call and let’s sort out the details.