Dimensional Mail & 3D Mailers

Dimensional mail offers a unique interactive method of communicating with your target audience. Typically direct mail consists of flat postcard-style pieces. These are quickly forgotten by the recipient because they do not stand out amongst the many other items they receive. To increase the amount of interest in your direct mailings, why not add a 3D element?

If you look at the examples on this page, you can see that dimensional mail is designed to be efficient when mailing, but when opened provides a memorable interactive experience.

When working with Litpac, you can customize every detail of your dimensional mail. From custom structural design and functionality to custom printing with your artwork. Add extra detail like spot UV or foil stamping, a sound chip or video screen, or one of our many choices of laminations to impress your audience. Our ability to design and our versatility in manufacturing is what helps us set your 3D mail apart from the rest. If you need help sending out your mailer to your customers, we can help you with that as well.

Dimensional mail is commonly used as a promotional tool to announce an offer in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry, or to get out information about the upcoming release of a new product or forthcoming event.

Are you ready to start on your dimensional mail project? Or do you have an existing direct mail program that you want to improve on? Just fill out our contact form and we will reach out to help right away.