Custom Packaging Sleeves

Open ended custom packaging sleeves to add shelf appeal to your product.

We design custom to you and your products needs. From custom sleeves for food trays in the freezer at your local grocery store to a matte silver laminated and foil stamped sleeves for a high end cosmetics brand, we can help you with your packaging sleeves to help you make a better impact on your customers.

Better yet, all you have to do to find the perfect packaging for your needs is to send us your product, and we’ll design a custom packaging sleeve around it. It’s that easy.

Custom printing and decoration like foil stamping, spot UV, embossing as well as various lamination finishes are all available.

In these times of maximizing your packaging & marketing budgets while reducing your overall environmental impact, one major benefit and rising use of custom sleeves for boxes is that it allows you to continue using your corrugated protective packaging when required, but slide a nice sleeve over it and dramatically improve your shelf impact. This is becoming increasingly common in the consumer electronics market as well as any product primarily (or only) available online.

Our custom packaging sleeves have excellent branding capabilities while using less material than a folding carton.

Thinking your project might benefit from a custom packaging sleeve? Give us a call.