Custom Folding Cartons

The most common type of packaging outside of a corrugated box: folding cartons. You see them at the grocery store, the gas station, and just about every other retail environment you can imagine.

We design and manufacture custom folding carton packaging in many different styles; straight tuck, reverse tuck, auto-bottom, 1-2-3 bottom, and full seal ends, just to name a few. You can add features like a locking tab to keep your product safe inside, a 5th panel with a hanger hole cut-out or even a window to let the consumer see the product inside your folding carton. In addition, we custom print and finish your carton design to your art specifications and have the ability to add details like foil stamping, spot UV, embossing and custom film lamination and specialty papers.

Food packaging is one of the most common uses of custom folding carton packaging thanks to its sturdy and safe design, allowing it to reliably store a variety of foods even under heavy refrigeration. It is a versatile product that can ship to you flat so it doesn’t take up warehouse space, while remaining easy to work with and offers excellent branding capabilities for customer recognition. Cosmetics and beauty packaging are also common product categories that use paperboard folding cartons to allow safer transport and better display of health & beauty products of all types.

Now, more than ever sustainability is an important factor to consider when choosing your packaging materials. Folding cartons are a paper-based renewable product that is also recyclable.

Not sure where to begin? What style of folding carton would be best for your product? What paper is the right choice? Send us an email and we’ll help you in the right direction. We manufacture right here in Taylor, Michigan!