Turned Edge Boxes & Casemade Boxes

Turned edge packaging; it’s gorgeous. It’s durable and tactile in your hands.

It evokes a higher level of quality and value for your product.

From basic to extremely complex structures, from small sizes to large oversized kits, our versatility and ability to design and manufacture complex designs is what sets us apart from the competition. Custom casemade packaging will help your product stand out from the shelves of generic, stock packaging that the other guys use. We offer custom printing, foil stamping, spot UV, debossing, and various lamination choices and specialty papers and materials to help you get just the packaging look your product needs to get noticed.

Turned edge boxes are used in a wide variety of product categories, from the famous iPhone box, to gift sets and multipacks, to limited edition releases and press kits. If you have a new product you need to launch, a new collector’s edition you need to draw attention to, or simply a better way to say ‘thanks’ to your most loyal brand supporters, our custom turned edge packaging helps you get noticed.

Have a custom casemade packaging project with a tight deadline? Send us an email and let us help you hit it.