Custom Packaging Design for Holidays

Custom Packaging Design for Holidays

It’s that time again! The holiday shopping season is here and companies all over the world are looking for ways to make the most of it. But as you look for ways to boost your sales, one thing that shouldn’t be underestimated is the impact of product packaging.

Turned Edge Box Example

As consumers browse crowded store shelves and retail websites looking for the perfect gifts, the right packaging can go a long way in helping your product get the attention it deserves. People have a lot of shopping to do and they’re trying to get it all done as quickly as possible, making it even more difficult to grab their attention. During the holiday season, a lot of companies start taking their packaging game to the next level by using limited edition packaging for some of their most popular products. Custom luxury boxes and turned edge boxes convey the message that your product is special and something to treasure. The unique look of luxury packaging can also make the visual statement you need to stand out in the product landscape.

Custom Product Kit for Cosmetics

Many companies also like to offer special collections of products during the holiday season. For example, cosmetics companies often offer gift sets of things like makeup brushes or perfume products that they might not normally offer during other times of the year. Or some food companies will bundle products together and market them specifically as gifts or to people who are looking for things to bring to holiday parties. People love the convenience of these kinds of sets and will often buy them on an impulse. Custom product kits are a great packaging option for these sorts of sets. Not only are the sets convenient to give and receive, striking custom packaging can help make an unforgettable impression on someone who might be seeing your product for the first time.

S'more Custom Product Mailer Example

The holidays are all about giving, so why not thank some of your most loyal customers for their support by giving them a little something extra? If you keep a customer mailing list or run a rewards program, sending custom product mailers with a gift inside to the people on those lists can be a great show of goodwill that won’t go unnoticed. A well-designed package used to deliver something small like a sample of a new product or a coupon or gift card to use on a future purchase is bound to make customers feel appreciated.

For more holiday product packaging ideas, Litpac is here to help. Since 1975, we’ve been designing creative custom packaging for a wide variety of products and can work with you to find a solution that works for you. Contact us today to get started.