Custom Packaging To Enhance Your Client’s Unboxing Experience [ + 5 Tips ]

custom hinged lid box with ribbon showing the importance of unboxing for consumers

Packaging can be more than just functional, it can also create a major marketing opportunity. According to a Dotcom Distribution survey, about 4 in 10 consumers would share a picture of a purchase on social media if it came in a unique package. Unboxing videos have also skyrocketed in popularity on YouTube in recent years. There are tens of millions of unboxing videos on YouTube and more are being added by the day. Whether people are opening packages for a new cell phone, a new toy, a DVD set, or a box from a subscription service, people love being able to see people giving their first impressions of a package and the product it contains.

There are many different reasons why a person might want to watch unboxing videos, but one of the most common reasons is because they’re doing research before making a purchase. And even if a person isn’t necessarily doing product research, someone watching unboxing videos can be impressed enough by a video that they make a purchase they didn’t originally intend to make.

Unboxing of custom sliding packaging sleeve for an anti-aging product with light grey and blue cover and protective sleeve

With custom packaging boxes, there are a lot of different ways to create a memorable unboxing experience, whether a person is unboxing a product themselves or they’re watching someone else do it. One option is to use packaging sleeves to create a multi-stage experience. The sleeve gives consumers their first impression of a product, but once the sleeve is removed, a new layer is revealed, giving you another opportunity to make an impression. Sleeves can be made with a variety of effects to add a little extra touch, like embossing and different lamination options.

Cigar-style boxes are another excellent way to get a customer’s attention. Regardless of what your product is, receiving it in a unique box with a customized insert to protect it will make it seem more special and unique. Having a nicely designed package in your hands is always exciting, but having the added dramatic touch of opening the lid to reveal a thoughtfully packaged product always feels luxurious. Rigid boxes can have a similarly striking effect.

Custom folding carton

Folding cartons offer a lot of freedom to get creative with your packaging. These cartons can be customized in a multitude of ways, including foil stamping, spot UV, specialty papers, and a window that allows people to get a peek at the product inside. With so many options to make a folding carton your own, your product can absolutely catch the attention of consumers.

Here are 5 tips to improve the unboxing experience:

  1. Use high-quality packaging materials. The first thing customers will see is the packaging, so it’s important to use high-quality materials that make a good first impression. This includes things like thick paper, sturdy boxes, and attractive labels.
  2. Make the packaging visually appealing. The packaging should be visually appealing and reflect the brand identity. This could include using a foil stamp, interesting patterns, or unique designs.
  3. Add a personal touch. Customers appreciate when companies take the time to add a personal touch to their packaging. This could include things like handwritten notes, custom stickers, or even just a thank-you card.
  4. Make the packaging easy to open. Customers should be able to open the packaging easily and without frustration. This means using clear instructions, avoiding excessive plastics, and using easy-to-open materials.
  5. Pack the product safely. The product should be packed safely and securely so that it arrives in perfect condition. This means using bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or custom inserts to hold your product.

Let us help you create that unforgettable unboxing experience. Contact Litpac so we can learn more about your product. Once we know the details about your product, we can get to work coming up with a unique solution that meets your needs.