A Pressing Issue: Tips for Developing Press Kits

box labeled with sample on a conveyor belt

What are press kits?

By definition, press kits (or sometimes referred to as influencer kits) are “a package of promotional material provided to members of the press to brief them, especially about a product, service, or candidate.”

The press kit has been a public relations essential for many, many years and is often a key aspect of a company’s media relations work. It allows you to get the correct information to journalists, bloggers and other traditional media and social media writers to get your information out to the public.

Below we will quickly cover three tips for a successful press kit release, with some examples to round out this post. As always, get in touch if you have any questions on creating your own custom press kit.

Highlight what is new or unique about your product

You have to let the recipient of your press kit know what’s up! Tell them about the new technology or the changes and additions to the next release of your product. If you are offering a new service or product, make sure to show what is unique about what you are doing and what sets you apart from the competition. Don’t forget to let them know how these new features will be of benefit, and don’t forget to include visuals!

Include product samples or an invite to come test the product

The best way to build hype for your new product is to get it into the right hands. If a writer can use your product sample they are much more likely to understand it and the benefits it offers over other products. If your product is too large to package up into a press kit, then create an event with a personal invite in your press kit, or let them know a time and date they can come test your product.

The quality of the press kit will reflect on the quality of the product

When making a press kit you need to remember you are also making a first impression.

Think of the press kit as your first date with the media, and when the first date is over, they are going to write about how it went for the whole world to see. If they don’t write about the date, then your press kit has failed to deliver.

This is why the quality of your press kit is crucial to its effectiveness. If you cut corners or try to be too frugal with your press kit design, you will end up with lackluster results and no publicity.

So just like on that first date, wear the expensive shirt, get your hair trimmed up nice and don’t forget to smile!

Have a look at some press kit examples below, and if you need help promoting your product or service through the media, get in touch with our team so we can point you in the right direction.

Press Kit Examples

turned edge press kit box with magnetic closure

Turned edge press kit with magnetic closure on the front flap. This press kit also included a paperboard insert, soft touch lamination on all surfaces and a spot gloss UV logo on the cover.

press kit or product sample kit for covergirl cosmetics

Turned edge press kit with magnetic flap closure on the front flap. This press kit also included crosslink polyethylene foam inserts in each drawer and a high gloss lamination on all surfaces.

press kit with hinged lid and custom foil stamping for Ram trucks

Turned edge press kit with hinged lid. This press kit also included foil stamping, an uncoated paper stock and a crosslink polyethylene foam insert.