Custom Presentation & Sales Kits

Custom presentation kits are an excellent sales tool to showcase your products in a way that is easily understood by the viewer.

It allows them to not only see your product, but touch and interact with it as well, helping them make decisions and draw comparisons between different product lines. You can easily explain what your product is, why it is needed, how it is used and who might use it. If you have multiple lines of products, you can use custom sales kits to segment each line into its own kit to keep things organized.

At Litpac, we believe sales kits should be customized to your product. Starting with structural design to showcase your product in the best way possible, we then move into printing and decorating your kit to align with your brands style. We have many lamination options for your sales kit to ensure durability and long-term use. If you need a durable handle, we can do that. If you need a secure method to close your kit, like a buckle or a latch, we can do that too. Need us to assemble your kits with product and send them out to your sales team? We would be glad to.

Custom sales kits are used commonly across many industries. From showcasing a new-to- market surgical implant in the medical industry, to offering a preview of next seasons product line in the cosmetics and beauty industry. Presentation kits are also used extensively in the furniture and architectural industries to showcase various product lines to distributors, designers and consumers alike.

If you need help putting together a sales kit or presentation kit, we would enjoy creating it together with you. Send us a note or give us a call.