Pop-Up Mailers

Pop-up mailers get noticed. They offer an element of surprise while maintaining functionality and durability to ensure your products arrive safely.

Interactive pop-up mailers are custom designed and custom printed with your art, and the structural pop-up element can be designed to match your artwork. We can build custom inserts like platforms or dividers to hold one or many products securely.

With more and more purchases being completed online, there is less chance to impress customers on store shelves; though this does not mean your packaging is going unnoticed. Interactive pop-up mailers deliver an extraordinary unboxing experience, and the unboxing experience means more now than ever before. It means repeat customers. It means free publicity when customers share their unboxing experience with others, either with friends or within their online communities.

One example of a popular use for pop-up direct mail is for a new product launch. The surprise factor and unique memorable experience generates excitement around a new product. This same strategy can be used to generate continued support of your brand from a new customer with a special “first order” pop-up mailer or to develop interest for a big upcoming event.

Need us to do your mailing? We do that too. Litpac can go from design to manufacture to fulfillment all in-house. Then, we can put it in the mail and send it off to your customer. This saves you time and money (and headaches) by simplifying the logistics of your project.

We would love to chat with you about your pop-up mailer project. Give us a call or send us an email.