Product Mailers

Despite what you may have heard, print and mail marketing is alive and well and can go a long way towards gaining and maintaining customer interest, particularly with the use of direct mailers. One example of a popular use for custom direct mailers is for a promotional offer to a consumer segment of high-value prospects. You are able to target these consumers or customers and acknowledge them for their loyalty while leveraging the existing relationship to increase buying even further. This is a win-win for both parties.

We offer custom direct mailer solutions that are custom printed with your art. First though, we develop a structural design to determine the perfect size and fit for you. We can build custom inserts like platforms or dividers to hold one or many items securely. If you require foil stamping or spot UV, or you need a nice matte look to your mailer, let us be your go-to source for all things custom. We can also create a pop-up mailer if you really want to gain attention!

If you want to simplify the logistics of your direct mailing we can even fulfill the mailers for you and ship them out to your customers. From the initial design stage to fulfillment, we can handle everything right here at Litpac.

If you need assistance with your direct mail design, click that envelope in the top right of your screen and send us a note. We love getting mail – and your customers will too.